Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Poole Quay bike night May 2017

First Poole Quay bike night of the year for me. Slightly iffy weather meant a few less than usual turned up but as ever some interesting machinery to catch the eye...

This is pretty much my version of spot on
for an evo Harley. Just right on the bars and
exhaust and generally understated. Not my place to
criticise but if it was mine I'd drop the less than
righteous Harley D Motor Co logo flame pattern
mirror. Flames and eagles should be no go areas...

The best thing to do with an old Bandit?

Yay for metal flake!

TRX 850. Got to try one of these some day..

One of a pair of Side Rock Cycles modded Beemers.

Nice attention to detail.

Honda 750 / 4. So shiny, so chrome.

Fortified wine aperitif themed Honda tracker.

If you decide to start up an Indian there will
be a big crowd. Guaranteed.

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