Monday, May 15, 2017

Vintage Revival Montlhery 2017 part 2

Monet & Goyon Automouche tricycle powered by a Villiers
engine. c1923
More snaps from the Vintage Revival......

A 'Lady'. The Lady brand hailed from Antwerp,
Belgium and were in production from 1924 to 1940.

Neracar motoring past.

Detail from a very unusual Motobecane bicycle of 1937. One
of a pair of prototypes exhibited. This ladies model sports a
very compact 'micro drive' chain and sprockets plus front

And the front mech on the Motobecane. Very sleek. The lever
for the chainset gears is under the saddle.

And the road bike prototype is in the background. The
Motobecane road prototype has the same suspension
type as the ladies model but with rear suspension as well.
The gearing however is conventional.

Close up on the Motobecane front suspension.

Fun BMW R100R combo in the bike park.
The chair is taken from a fairground ride.

Race category bikes waiting for the off.

Bugatti under power just through the chicane.

The AJS R10 outfit was beautifully turned out.

Another Bug.

One of the British GN contingent.

Brough Superior SS100 on the chicane.

Norton CS1.

GN waiting for the off.

And another.

That AJS R10 under steam.

Cotton JAP Brooklands bike from the Brooklands Museum.

Morgan with mag covered against the rain.

The cyclecar start grid.

Last minute adjustments to a GN.

The Brooklands Cotton again.

And a cammy Norton coming in.

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