Sunday, September 1, 2019

Touring Red Panther

This chap has all the gear to go pre-war touring. The panniers are much more of a proper job than the lashed on suitcase that you often see in old photos and his Stormguard coat means business, that might even be a helmet on the rear carrier, quite unusual pre-war.

The Red Panther was known to be a budget bike, often sold at a discount through London dealers Pride and Clarke as a recession buster. The little 350 Panther was however a solid and dependable machine with a specification and build quality that belied its price and it found favour with many enthusiasts.

Two copies of this image came to me, one under-exposed and one over. Thought I might as well reproduce both, take your pick! 

Red Panther all set up for touring.

Same Red Panther photo, more exposure!

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  1. Is that a round sign for a racing number on the front forks?