Thursday, September 26, 2019

Veteran Brooks motorcycle puncture repair and spare tube cases

I was lucky enough to pick up these rather nice veteran Brooks cases recently. Both are motorcycle items and each with a clip on the rear designed to attach to the rear carrier. The circular case is a B535 Motor Cycle Spare Tube Box and the rectangular a B539 Repair Outfit Case.

I cannot pin point the exact years of production but both appear in the 1911 and 1919 Brooks Book catalogues. I think this is roughly the span of their production.

Both cases shall be sympathetically restored and will find a home on my 1919 Quadrant.


  1. Nice finds, where did you get them? makes a change from the normal collar box but surely the round one was for spare Belts?

    1. Hello Ken. I picked them up at a Richard Edmond's auction. A full day of hanging around for just the one lot. I first thought the round one was a belt box but it is a bit of a small diameter and too deep for belts, when I checked the Brooks Book I saw that it is clearly made for spare tubes. Cheers, Richard