Tuesday, September 10, 2019

International West Kent Run 2019 pt3

I've been sitting on these pictures for a while, the IWKR was back at the beginning of August. Here's the last tranche of images from the event, all taken at the show held on the Sunday.

AJS combo rode in to the show. BSA tank fitted
and unconventional match of green lane spec bike
attached to a large Watsonian Palma sidecar.

A few interesting scooters rode in. This one a very tasty
Maicoletta. Considered by many the 'Rolls Royce of
scooters' the Maico is a very high spec machine with
performance to match and in some cases exceed similarly
sized bikes of the day (it was available in 250 and 277cc sizes).

A real rarity: British made, Villiers engined, DKR Defiant.

The Scott Owners Club was well represented with a stand in
the club area. 

American iron was out in force at the show.

Original paint pre-war Speed Twin.

BSA Y-13 power plant. Very nice!

And the complete Y-13.

Yours truly and offspring hacking the BSA Bantam around
the motorcycle gymkhana.

More of the same. A fun way to get the kids involved with
the hobby.

Another snap, this time with other daughter!

Oldest at the event by a significant margin. The 1899 Leon
Bollée. Massive kudos for taking it around the gymkhana circuit!

One of my personal favourite bikes of the fifties, though not
too sure why, I've never ridden one. Harley KH.

I guess it's something about the concept of a
well developed side valve sporting v twin.
Personally I would have to go for flat bars though.

And a close up.

Very unusual AER fitted with Villiers two stroke parallel twin.
A E Reynolds were a Liverpool based concern best known
for modified Scott motorcycles. Albert E began producing his
own complete machines just before the War.

And a Norton ready to go home after a long
weekend of vintage motorcycling.

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