Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Kenilworth Motorcyclette or the joy of finding a worthy keeper

This little 1919 Kenilworth Motorcyclette is a wonderful thing and I had great plans for it. I also have great plans for several other machines but time is limited and sometimes the best thing to do is to move on and find a new keeper for stalled and long term pipe dreams. And sometimes, quite honestly, that new keeper can be so much more of a worthy one than oneself.

So it was the case with the Kenilworth: it was sitting on a shelf in my garage as a somewhat forlorn curiosity that, if I am honest with myself, was unlikely have been made roadworthy again for many years henceforth. Less than two years ago the right custodian came along and now the Kenilworth has been swiftly transformed from its previous incarnation as a mono-wheeled saw bench to being a roadworthy scooter once more. What is better still is that the restoration is a marvellous example of sympathetic preservation, the way it should be. It is just how I had hoped to one day refurbish the Kenilworth myself. See the pictures below for before and afters. Thank you David and Jane, great job!

1919 Kenilworth. Two years ago it was thus.

Now it is this. Original, authentic and roadworthy.

The business side of the Kenilworth previously.

And now. Lovely!

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