Thursday, August 29, 2019

Great Dorset Steam Fair 2019 pt1

Pictures from a couple of days tramping around the wonderland that is the Great Dorset Steam Fair. For five days each year this is the world's greatest working museum of industrial heritage and rural crafts. The scale of it is vast and the variety on show mind boggling. From demonstrations of traditional hazel fence making, wood turning and smithing to a re-creation of World War One trenches and steam powered heavy haulage in action there is a lot going on. There are downsides: the site is huge to walk around and set out to give priority to the market stall, fairground, catering and entertainment money makers but get immersed, get your walking boots on and a fascinating time can be had.

Ex-WD steam engine being taken for a spin.

Post War Douglas are quite striking machines but have always
been rather niche. This is a MKIII model.

Tres shiny New Hudson flat tank two stroke.

Little and large. Norvin and NVT Easy Rider.
Rudge Ulster that seems to have had a grass tracking past.

A real rarity. BSA car, made between 1921 and
1924 and fitted with a 10hp v-twin motor.

Radiator detail on the BSA car

I liked this. Grand styling for a utilitarian device.

First World War steam lorry.

And First World War steam engine.

Having fun in the playground.

Lovely Paris Tour de France in the bicycle tent.

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