Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Exeter Trial 2018

I had an entry in this year's Exeter with my Yamaha AG, it was to be the bike's first taste of competition. Sadly though a combination of work schedule and family illnesses meant that I had to be a no show. Though I couldn't afford to steal away from home for a full two days and nights I could however spare the time for a visit to the gathering point at Haynes Museum, luckily only just over half an hour up the road from me.

The weather on the day was showery and bitterly cold - as I left Haynes at around 2.30am a frost was forming. There were some heavy showers in the evening at home and I've got to admit that my disappointment at not riding was also tinged with some gratitude that I was missing out on getting soaked and cold. This however is my mental cycle in long distance trials - I enter in a blaze of enthusiasm. I look forward to them in eager anticipation in the weeks running up, as the time draws closer I wonder why I am entered as it all seems so daunting and then in the end I feel joy at starting. This can turn to deep despair should there be mechanical woes in the wee hours but equally can develop to elation as I approach the successful end of an event.

So hats off to the brave lads and lasses who rode and drove this years' Exeter and here are a few snaps from the Haynes checkpoint and scrutineering.

lovely Indian Woodsman entered in Class O.

MZ approaches scrutineering. One of several entered.

A very heroic BSA Bantam gets the once over.

Same MZ as above in scrutineering.

That Bantam and another of the MZ posse
get checked.

Very tasty Ariel HT5. Wonderful to see such
classic machinery used properly as intended.

Wasp / Yamaha XS650 combo.

Matt's newly purchased Wasp / Yamaha XT660 outfit. We
were supposed to be riding together from the Cirencester
start before I dropped out. Matt, with Dan passengering,
made it to the end in Torquay with a finisher's award at
around 15:00 the next afternoon.

One of several Honda 90 varients entered.


Honda CT110 postie bike.

And to round off just a couple of the four wheelers. Here a
gorgeous MG J2 Midget.

And a flat rad Morgan 4/4.


  1. There comes a point as you get old when such masochism ceases to appeal and sense prevails !!.

    You can see what "fun" you missed on you tube; The guy on the battered Honda step-through must have some fantastic warm socks as he has got any laves in his boots.

    1. late at night.:-(
      ...he has not got any laces in his boots.........

    2. Got to admit that the event doesn't sound like the best recipe for fun when you consider getting cold and wet and losing a nights' sleep but there is something magical about the atmosphere and retrospectively it always seems like a good idea - perhaps that is why there is a gap of several months between each MCC long distance trial!

  2. I think the ideal vehicle for that event is a Kettenkrad!!