Thursday, January 11, 2018

Matchless circa 1927

Zoom in and it is easy enough to see the Matchless logo on this machine, even without one Matchlesses of the late twenties had a very distinctive petrol tank shape so are easy to spot. As for the model though I am not sure, the year I guess is around 1927. Any Matchless anoraks out there who can identify please do get in touch. 

Not often you see a chap in a bowler hat riding a bike. Whilst the gent does seem reasonably enough attired for a gentle run on a motorcycle the girl sitting pillion very much doesn't.

c1927 Matchless poses for a snap.
Postscript: thanks to both Ken and Bob for identifying the machine as a 1928/29 250cc Model R. A two year only production machine of which Bob has one in his shed. Cheers gents.