Saturday, January 13, 2018

Baines International TT 1948

I bought my Baines 'flying gate' just over a year back shortly after having a small clear out in the garage and raising some cash. Obviously aforementioned funds were burning a hole in my pocket and I've got a weakness for cycles with wonky frame designs. The Baines appeared at auction at just the right time, a furtive bid later and rather surprisingly it was mine.

Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder but to me the Baines is a wonderous thing to look at. However as it came to me there were a few items of componentry that let it down somewhat. The mudguards were poorly fitted, warped and slightly too wide, the 'lauterwasser' pattern handlebars didn't look quite right to my eyes and the wheels were much later Miche hubs with Mavic rims. The 40 hole front rim really didn't look right on a British lightweight and would be more suited to a tandem.

I've finally gotten round to giving the Baines a much deserved spruce up, I found a rather more suited pair of mudguards for a fiver and the regular pattern steel drop bars I had kicking around. I came across an Airlite front hub laced to a Dunlop lightweight rim on eBay for a decent price so that went on too. The bike looks a lot better now but I'm still searching for a matching rear wheel and would like to change the gears from seventies Campag to more period appropriate Cyclo.

The Baines International TT as purchased.

And as it now is post 'makeover'.

The Baines 'flying gate' frame design makes good sense in its
ultra short wheelbase format but really on a regular wheelbase
machine like this it is just a complicated but charming eccentricity.

It's a bit of a 'granny' chainring fitted but it will stay for the
time being. Note the Bayliss Wiley hollow bottom bracket axle.

The 'flying gate' is a wonderfully delicate frame.

The International TT transfers are quite extravagant.

New chrome drops, same stem and the bar tape was

Lugwork is nicely understated.

I added in this cute little Gerry Burgess cable tidy and greaser
whilst I was at it.