Monday, January 29, 2018

Bantam resurrection

I've had this little 1961 BSA D1 Bantam since I was sixteen, that was nearly thirty years ago. I passed my test on it when most lads had RDs, RGs, CBs, KHs and the like. The little bike got a lot of use, often two up with mates on the back and in all honesty never let me down. The only breakdown I can remember was a dodgy condenser, but the Bantam spluttered home all the same.

So, a lot of memories - and I can say all good. However the bike has been off the road since 2005 when I gave it a service for old times sake and then just rode it a couple of times. A good friend expressed an interest in buying it recently and I felt tempted to free up some space and money. After all you can't keep them all and really it is just sitting around.

1961 BSA Bantam D1. If I ever do part with it, it will be on
the condition that she remains unrestored!

Best thing to do I thought would be to get it back on the road and see if I still enjoy riding it and then make my mind up. A simple service got it going quite easily, plenty of smoke granted, but we can forgive and understand that. All it needed was draining the tank, fresh fuel, a carb, plug and points clean and that was it. I took it for a spin around the block and performance was more lively than I had expected (in truth I really hadn't expected much!) Next step is an MOT, for until May it still needs one. I'll post again after we've been on a couple of decent longer runs....

Originally supplied by Hadleys of Chelmsford.

The dent in the tank has been there for at least forty years,
probably longer. This one has all the options, a dual seat and
pillion rests were an extra £3 19s 8d and the battery lighting
D1 cost nearly £5 more than the basic direct lighting machine.
She's fitted with a Todd cylinder head which gives it a little
more zip.

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