Friday, January 5, 2018

Cushman scooter

A Cushman scooter is a fairly distinctive beast and not too hard to identify. I can't say I'm too familiar with them but a quick trawl through google images seems to suggest that this particular example may be from circa 1947. I'd love to know where the photo was taken, it was bought in the UK so a fair guess is that it was from a British family's album, there's something far Eastern about the background, the location must be somewhere early post-war where both Brits and Americans were to be found, or at least American vehicles. It is certainly not a military model Cushman but perhaps standard models were supplied to the American military as runabouts post war?

Mother, baby and Cushman scooter in
tropical climes.


  1. Family vacation in Bermuda? Scooter crazy there, near enough American shores to have U.S. products, popular spot for Brits, everyone takes pix on vacation.

  2. ...or on reflection, the Bahamas, much more likely to have U.S. motor vehicles. Note the high-water construction of the buildings. This is someplace that gets hurricanes.

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    1. Almost certainly taken in India, I recall reading some time ago that Cushmans were used by the miltary out there to get around Army/Airforce bases. The bases under the post were probably local creepies away, or against monsoon.