Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2016 pt1

So lucky to have this amazing event taking place just up the road from home. The couple of days before and after the Steam Fair is always a great fun time to be out on the road locally as a surprising number of folks drive their engines to the Fair. Not ideal of course if you are in a rush to get somewhere and come across a steam induced tailback but what a fantastic sight to see a traction engine out on the road. 

Work commitments have meant that I've missed the fair for the last few years but the stars aligned this time and the sun mostly shone too. Perfect.

Most pictures are a bit off topic for a two wheeler blog but variety, as they say. is the spice of life.

Imposing Brough Superior car even has its own
dedicated website:

Another angle on the rare Brough.

Horse drawn steam pump fire engine.

Close up on the motor powering the fire pump.

And the contraption in all its glory.

Gloriously health and safety free log cutting demonstration.

Threshing machine in action.

More log cutting.

Detail on a La France fire engine. Fantastic unrestored condition.

Apparently the La France has only just been recommissioned
this year and was driven to the fair from Southampton (about
40 miles away). Although in theory good for 70mph apparently
around 30 is comfortable.

Wonderful to see an original La France that hasn't been cut
and shut into en Edwardian racer pastiche.

Great juxtapose of old and new between the engine, script
and sponsors / owners!

Bedford lorry detail.

And the full view of the Bedford.

The vintage Bulldozer area.

Royal Enfield Flying Flea in the military encampment.

James ML and Indian 741.

This incredible c1893 Swift was in the bicycle tent. Take a
close look at the front and rear suspension.

That's real patina! Ford Model T pick up.

Inside the Model T.

Full view of the T.

And front view..

Overnighting in style with a Rolls Royce and vintage caravan.

A section of the Showmans Engine lie up.

And a few more Showmans.

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