Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Great Dorset Steam Fair 2016 pt3

The final posting of pictures from the Great Dorset Steam Fair. This time majority bikes but a few tractors throw in for good measure. The motorcycles are all in a marquee so it can be difficult to get full bike pictures, sometimes just the details are good by themselves though....

NUT is a very classy piece of kit. Dismantlable
cast silencer box is an unusual feature.

As is a fully enclosed cast chaincase for the era. 

Regularly ridden ex-WD 1940 bobbed Indian Chief.

A Belgian 'Lady' from 1930. I had neither seen nor heard of
this marque before.

The model is a 'Ladylette'. It's a utility device but with stylish lines.

1937 350cc Norton International.

1958 Scott Swift. The first of five prototypes of what was planned
to be an update of Scott's venerable motor. Road tested by
Motor Cycling magazine's Bernal Osborne in 1958 the bike was
dropped at low speed on the airstrip testing ground in wet weather
and suffered dents to front mudguard and petrol tank which it still
has. The motor was a 500 against the earlier Squirrel's 600, reading
between the lines of the road test it seemed that the new motor was
slightly less flexible though with roughly equal performance.

1935 Scott Squirrel modified for racing.

Gorgeous BSA v-twin. The late twenties fashion
for ultra low seating looks good but makes for an
uncomfortable riding position. This bike has the seat
pillar raised up to ameliorate.

Cute and tiny Austin Seven based tractor.

Fordson with strange tracks, for what exactly I cannot work out.
Perhaps working in marshes?

Health and safety nightmare!

Titan tractor.

This Lanz must be the absolute Rolls Royce of tractors.

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