Saturday, September 24, 2016

Even more Gold Star fettling

The Gold Star improvement project is making steady progress. In the first round of fettling a couple of years back I changed the seat to a standard BSA dual one: it seemed a good idea to have the possibility to occasionally carry a passenger. Now the bike is running properly I realise that this is a solo machine, there's not a lot of compromise in the engine to take two. Not just that but the BSA dual seat has a hump between the rider and passenger; being fairly long of leg and taking the rearsets in to account I felt that I was not able to slide back as much as would be comfortable.

As it came to me the Goldie was fitted with an original Feridax racing seat. I still had the seat so why not give it a try again. At the same time I cranked back the clips ons slightly to improve the ergonomics.

Success all round. The Feridax seat allows the rider to slide back a lot further and feel far more a part of the bike. Just pulling the clip ons back slightly has improved looks and comfort. Next step gearing and electrics.....

Maybe I'm biased but it really is a good looking bike.

Feridax racing seat in all its glory.

And rider's eye view with tweaked clip ons.

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