Thursday, September 15, 2016

Moto Legendes at Montlhery 2003

Been checking out some old photo albums of late. Here's a trip to Moto Legendes from back in 2003 when it was still held at Montlhery. I made the ride on my 350 Indian Bullet, Dan C on his, Matt on his BMW R90S and Dan B on his MkIV Guzzi Lemans. Dan C is the only one to still have the same bike, all of us look frighteningly youthful!

Memories of the trip are Dan's recalcitrant Guzzi on its maiden voyage on the way out. Lying zonked out in a village square somewhere in France after an overnight ferry with a few too many beers and Dan's Bullet suffering re-curing blocked carb issues on the way home in bleak hedgeless agricultural land in the driving rain. Should have bought that filter at the event Dan - we'll never forget!

Funny how the roadside stoppages often constitute the fondest memories. It's near got to the point of realisation of this fact that I now almost cherish a mechanical stop, though still find it better if it is someone elses bike rather than my own.

I can't remember but I believe Dan C took these pictures so probably deserves the credit - thanks Dan.

Bullets with the Montlhery banking as a backdrop.

13 years ago.... Myself and Dan C.

Right kids, take it as the voice of experience that several pints
and two hours sleep do not mix well with a long days' ride.

My Bullet was only six years old for this trip. I kept hold of it up
until a couple of years ago.

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