Sunday, March 13, 2016

VMCC Shepton Mallet Autojumble March 2016

The VMCC Shepton Mallet Autojumble is one of the best parts fairs going at the moment and has been for some time. Stalls are fairly priced so plenty of enthusiasts come along to have a clearout, that means interesting parts for sale and that brings the punters in. Combine that with the fact that you always know you are going to see plenty of folks you know to have a natter with it's a good day out, so good that you can forgive the drafty agricultural showground that it is held in. At least the halls don't stink any more of sheep turd like they used to. Here's a small mish-mash of gems that caught the eye from a few hours of wandering...

Late thirties Sunbeam Lion side valve would make a nice easy
and sophisticated pre-war runabout.

This was my star of show. Extremely original unrestored early
thirties BSA. Sadly I'm not sure of the model. It would be
criminal to restore it. Not cheap at £6500 but really not too
bad either condition considered. Personally I'd far rather
have this one than something shiny.

Early twenties New Hudson two stroke
represented an ambitious project.

JAP in a box.

Have always had a soft spot for Excelsior Talisman Twins,
maybe that's because I have never owned one or perhaps
they are indeed wonderous machines.

Take your pick of pre-war Villiers motors.

For a while you couldn't more for pre-war French bikes recently
imported to the UK. The tide seems to be slowing.

Lovely unrestored Cotton Telstar racer sold quickly.

This pair of recently imported ironhead Sportsters caught
the eye. One from '76 and the other a '69.

Those Sportsters again. The '76 to the fore. The '69 one
really appealed, maybe it's just as well that I had no spare

The '69 Sportster motor in all its glory.

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