Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Flat tank Sunbeam combo

Early to mid-twenties Sunbeam combination. The picture was taken in Bournemouth, UK, and for those nerdy enough to care the EL pre-fix on the reg plate is a Bournemouth designation. Check here for a listing of British number plate area codes.

The note on the back of the picture reads, "On bike Reg Bullen, pillion Wilf, sidecar Dena's grandfather."

These old pictures invite the mind to imagine the lives of others. Given the period it's more than likely that these guys were all First World War veterans. Reg Bullen is dressed slightly unusually and less formally than the norm for the period, he wears a roll-neck mariners jumper and a navy pea jacket with a carnation in the button hole. Perhaps he was a navy lad based out of Portsmouth or nearby Portland?

Early to mid twenties Sunbeam sidecar
combination in Bournemouth.

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