Friday, March 11, 2016

Testing the Gold Star

Stepping closer to getting the CB32 fully roadworthy. Took it out for a road test, not the greatest ride - the bike needs bedding in and with the tall gearing and hilly local terrain it was pretty tiring. Good news is that everything seems to work ok. Bad news is that it started misfiring after about 10 miles. I thought it was dirt in the fuel and it would ride through but it got worse and worse until it cut out just before getting home. Cleaned the carb and checked sparks, all good but it just wouldn't start. After an hour or so I gave up and called for help. Of course on loading it out of the van at home when I gave it a test kick it sparked up straight away. Looks like the magneto is bad so off it will come for a rebuild....

In all it's glory and out in the countryside. The Taylor Dow
yoke and shortened fork springs give it a bit more of an
aggressive stance than a regular Goldie.

Yep, that's a big bag of 'just in case' tools sitting on the saddle.

What I love about this Gold Star is that it has
never been restored, it's just evolved over the
years. Most survivors now are shiny showroom
spec princesses. This old warrior wears its scars
with pride. 

Somewhere down the line the bike ended up with a Daytona
spec oil tank with butterfly cap.

No mistaking that tank transfer.

Taylor Dow Superleggera top yoke. The matching rev counter
and speedo brackets are rare items.

Alfin ribbed alloy rear brake drum.

The road ahead beckons, but the magneto
declines the offer.


  1. I think Pete Snidal once said something to the effect that "Yes, it could be compression, it could be fuel, but it isn't. It's ALWAYS the electrical system."

    1. My relationship with this bike has stretched over several years. In this time it has given occasional joy but for the most tested my patience more than any other bike I have owned. Still, at least I have learned a lot from the experience and, fingers crossed, I think I am nearly there with it! I just hope it doesn't disappoint when finally working as its maker intended!