Thursday, March 17, 2016

An Awkward Hill

A steep old hill for a veteran and no doubt, the postcard claims it is however a genuine image. I'd have a guess at the bike being a Rover c1914 fitted with an Armstrong hub gear. Here's the text from the card:

front side:
642 Motor Cycling in Lakeland
"An awkward hill"
(Abraham's Series)

on rear:
This card is an actual photograph by G. P. Abraham, Ltd.
Keswick (Copyright)

The card was posted in 1924.

Veteran Rover making an impressive climb.
postscript: I've heard from Pete of Occhio Lungo that he reckons the bike is a Premier. Rover was an educated guess on my part so I'm happy to go with a positive identification on Premier. Thanks for the contact Pete. 


  1. Spokes not blurred despite slow shutter speeds of the day? He's holding it there with the brake, or the front wheel is pinned down, just out of our sight.

  2. I'll go with front wheel held down. The rider's center of gravity is well behind where the rear wheel contacts the ground. He should be flipping over backwards.