Friday, March 25, 2016

Autowheeling to Brighton

There's been a slight shed re-alignment of late. My Wall Autowheel / Raleigh x-frame combo found a new home with fellow Sunbeam MCC member John Joseph. The Wall had an entry in the Pioneer Run but work dictated that I was unable to ride. I was genuinely chuffed that I was able to pass stewardship of the machine on to John in time for the run. John now has a pair of Autowheels and lent his new one to a friend who successfully piloted it all the way down to Brighton. That's four Pioneers completed in as many attempts, never fully without issue but not a bad record for a tiny atmospheric inlet motor that is over one hundred years old.

A wonderful facet of our hobby is the folks you get to meet. The vintage world is inhabited by a range of interesting and individualistic characters: you have after all got to be of a different cut to the norm to take pleasure in riding and fettling obsolete machinery. John is an artist and vintage enthusiast. It is well worth taking a look at his website for a sample of his work -  

John on the right with his Humber / Autowheel
combo and the Raleigh / Autowheel is on the
left with pilot for the day, Sam.

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