Monday, October 5, 2015

Westonzoyland NSA / VMCC Sprint

Sprinting is the purest form of motorcycle sport. Just a bike, a rider and a straight line. Held on oft bleak and lonely wartime airstrips it is an enthusiasts sport. There is something genuine and authentic in the atmosphere, no glory just the drive to ride and go fast. Machines competing are diverse in performance and style but with the singular purpose of shaving hundredths of seconds from times.

This is what it is all about. Home fettled bikes
running straight lines, no big egos, no bullshit.

Harley V-Rod.

Triumph Trident straight liner.
Well used and original BSA Sloper parked up
in the paddock.

I saw this Nourish Triton in the bike park at the VMCC Shepton
Autojumble the previous weekend. Now here it is with different
pipes and more extreme rearsets.

50cc Moto Morini.

Triumph JAP special.

Henry Body. Living legend.

 And here's Henry in action.

Tyre warming a Ducati.

Weslake speedway engined machine.

Nippy Lambretta.

Here's how you tyre warm a Turbo 'Busa.

Sweet MZ ES250 Trophy in the bike park.

Totally unrelated but I had a nice ride home
through Somerset countryside and spotted
this Stanley Steamer outside of a pub. How
often do you see that?

On further examination I was pretty sure that it
was a replica. No less stunning for it. The condition
seemed to be just too good and it has subtle
front disc brakes.


  1. The Sunday before last I had lunch at St Peters Finger at Lychet Minster and there was that car or an identical in the car park.

    1. Surely the same one. There can't be two the same out and about in the West Country. Fair play to the owner for getting out and putting the miles in!

    2. Yes I am sure it was the same car the number plate looks the same.