Sunday, October 11, 2015

1955 Velocette Venom

The last time the Venom was used was just over three years ago. Shame to have something like this in the shed and not get out and about on it. When it was put away there was a problem with a leaky tank that had already been treated with a non-ethanol resistant sealant. I'd been searching for a replacement tank for a while without any luck before deciding to buy one from India. The tank duly arrived a week or so ago and since then I've fitted it (more of which in a post to come) and given the bike a good service.

We've been having some glorious autumnal weather down here in the South of England so every opportunity to get out on a bike is not to be missed. I took the Velo for a long test run which reminded me what a wonderful bike it is and made me feel slightly guilty for neglecting it for so long. The bike is slightly rattlier than I remembered but that may just be the result of spending the last two or three years riding a BMW and Norton twin. In truth it isn't too bad for an alloy engined pushrod single. The performance is every bit as good as I recalled, it took me a while to get back in sync with the starting procedure though. This one likes to be fully flooded each time it starts or it will flat refuse.

Now, time to reacquaint myself and get some miles in. Could do with a pair of decent tyres..... 

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