Thursday, October 22, 2015

VMCC Stonehenge Autumn Nifty Run

The third Nifty Run that I've turned up to but previous times other commitments have meant that I could just be a spectator for the start and then have to nip back home. This time was to be different, I had the time, I had the bike. I prepped the Gilera 175 Sport and it was running sweetly. The ride over was a slog on a long straight road with a small bike but it was running like a Swiss watch. Then just before arriving I decided to take a quick stop for the call of nature, on starting again the Gilera was misfiring and refused to clear up. Pulling in at the start of the run I noticed a fairly severe fuel leak from the tank. That sealed my fate, once again I was a spectator and had to head off home straight after everyone else had set off.

The decision to ride home or call out assistance was a tricky one but in the end I cleaned out the carb and that made the bike run sweet again. The fuel leak though I trusted to the gods that I wouldn't be incinerated on the bike and decided to ride it. In the end all worked out well, the leak was at the top of the tank so the more I rode the less the leak and rider and bike arrived home unburnt.

Nice Greeves 20DC. I had one of these for a while. Really sweet
bike though the engine was decidedly underwhelming. I can
see why so many folks fit Triumph motors. The running gear felt
like it could take a lot more. I rate it as one of the best handling
bikes I have owned.

Ariel Arrow. One family owned until very recently. The bike is
in cracking unrestored condition and was recently featured
in The Classic MotorCycle magazine.

Here's a machine you don't see often, a British
Sun Wasp Villiers powered scooter attached to
a Watsonian Bambini sidecar. 

Detail on the Sun Wasp.

The Sun did the run with rider and passenger in the Bambini.

Villiers power in James cycle parts. They may be
derided in some quarters but the 'E' series Villiers
engines are really excellent motors. Forget power
figures these engines are one of the nicest products
of the British Motorcycle industry,

T'other side of the Villiers.

Leaky Gilera on the way home. Fingers crossed we don't end
up in a huge fireball. That petrol tank is big and full!

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