Monday, August 4, 2014

Chimay Classic Bikes 2014 Pt 3

More pictures from track, paddock and campsite at Chimay.

This characterful ex-Auxiliary Fire Service BSA B31 carried
UK plates and looked like it had been ridden over. 

Big wheel BMW outfit, a mix of bikes and eras
but the end result looks right.

This set of Krauser four valve heads pushed me towards the
sin of envy. Would look amazing on the 100RS. Anyone out
there got a set they don't need?

NSU Quickly was being used a a pit bike and local run-around.

Same NSU parked up on a disused chicane. Great original
condition. Sometimes I find the condition more interesting
than the bike - if it is in original paint and has a story to
tell it doesn't matter how mundane or common the bike, the
battle scars and history lend it charisma.

There's a nice bar you can walk anti-clockwise around the
circuit to, it's about half a mile from the paddock. The beer
and food are good and bikes pass by about 10 foot from
the window.

Chimay is a good old-fashioned road circuit. There are barriers
but you are pretty close to the action!

Detail on a 'Rocher' licensed copy of a Ducati Cucciolo
cyclemotor in the paddock.

The 'Rocher' was original and offered for sale (no price given).

Norton Dominator combo warming up in the paddock.

A lot of proper 'working' unpretentious sidecar outfits race at
Chimay. Great to see the repairs, use and developments made over
the years.

Very trick BMW road machine based racer.

MV 350 twin out on the track.

The Komnik outfit fitted with a BMC A series
engine from a Mini has 49 years of continual
racing history in the same family.

Harley powered outfit from Holland out on the track.

Close up of the Harley outfit. Dig that finned primary cover.

Another view of the Harley outfit. 

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