Friday, August 15, 2014

Jack Hearne project finished a second time around...

The Elswick Lincoln Imp project was completed with parts robbed from the diminutively framed Jack Hearne cycle. The Hearne lost its wheels to the Imp and given that they were Sturmey Steelite items this meant that the gears and brakes went with them. It was a fair swap as the Sturmey wheels solved several problems on the Imp and the Hearne is better for having 27" wheels.

The wheels now fitted are 27" Wolber rims on Campag hubs (Nuovo Record I believe). Braking is taken care of by a set of Mafac Racers which look nice and quirky and are surprisingly effective. The rear mech is a Campy Nuovo Record changed to Rally spec by fitting a long cage.

The end product is satisfying to the eye. I had a brief spin on it and it's a good ride but as I'm six foot two this tiddler isn't going to see many miles with me on board!

Jack Hearne bicycle
Jack Hearne late sixties frame.

Jack Hearne bicycle fitted with Campagnolo Rally rear mech
Campagnolo Rally rear mech.

Jack Hearne cycle fitted with Mafac Racer centre pull brakes
Mafac 'Racer' brakes on Jack Hearne frame.

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