Monday, August 11, 2014

Royal Enfield Sidecar Racer Watercolour

Guy from Belgium was also at Chimay Classic Bikes in July and was similarly taken with the Royal Enfield 700 twin based sidecar racer. So much so he painted a watercolour of it and kindly emailed a copy of the painting across. Guy isn't a commercial artist but he does sell some pictures to help fund maintenance and restoration of his old vehicles. If you are interested get in touch and I'll forward your details.

Watercolour by Gie Goyvaerts of Royal Enfield 700 twin
sidecar race bike at Chimay Classic Bikes.

Royal Enfield sidecar racer. The painting is so much better
than the photo...

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  1. This is my fathers bike in the water colour he is on the left and my passenger is on the right. Great to see this.