Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chimay Classic Bikes 2014 Pt 4

Final posting of snaps from the Chimay Classic Bikes road trip. Excellent weekend. Excellent event, well worth attending at least once.

Home built BMW K75 to GS spec worked pretty well stylistically.

BMW R100 cafe racer
Over the other side of the channel folks like trailers on their
motos a lot more than we do in the UK. And why not? They're
a pretty sensible solution. This BMW R100 cafe racer  from the
Netherlands is towing a Czech PAV trailer.

Lunch on the way back home. Don't come to
Belgium for fine roadside dining! We had
fantastic weather all weekend but on this stop it
all went dark then chucked down for 20 minutes
after which all was well again.

For the trip back home we headed through Belgium rather than
the slight quicker route through France. This time we relied on
satnav directions set to avoid main roads. It did this quite
effectively and we went through every village centre between
Chimay and the coast. Mostly a good thing as we passed
through some great places and got plenty of experience of
the famous Belgian 'pave' concrete roads. The route also took
us through several WW1 battle sites.

The church at Passchendale. It was completely
flattened in WW1 and then rebuilt to plan in the
years following.

Our final overnight was at the Bikers Loft in Oudenburg. A
fantastic place for a sleep before or after crossing the channel.
Also home to a museum of which more to come in a future post.
One tip - if following satnav enter the full address for the Loft,
there is more than one place called 'Groenedijk' in the
nearish area!

The Bikers Loft offers bike parking inside by your room.
Just before going to bed I noticed that the BMW was parked
beneath a security light.

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