Monday, September 2, 2013

New Royal Enfield Continental GT

The new Royal Enfield Continental GT 535cc has just started rolling off production lines in India. It's the first RE that is an entirely new design since the fifties. Apparently there are no components shared with the old traditional 'classic' Bullet models.

The frame is Harris designed and to me looks like it takes cues from both BSA and Metisse designs. The overall style is very much a modern take on the old 250cc Continental GT. The frame should be a good platform for the forthcoming twin engine. It's a cracking looking bike and needs to have at least 30bhp to make it fun and 40 would turn it into a decent lightweight sports bike. With bought in suspension and brakes the retail price is likely to be a good bit above the current Bullet models.

Looks like a good start to a new dawn for Royal Enfield. Oil under the finger nails Bullet enthusiasts like myself will feel some sadness that the age of mix and matching Bullet parts from across the eras is disappearing but then again we're not the types to spend proper money on a new ride!
New Royal Enfield Continental GT.

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