Monday, September 9, 2013

BSA glamour with Betty Page

Normally I try to post original photos but I found this on another blog and it bears repeating, It's not really possible to attribute as it appears on several different sites and I can't find the original. What I like about it is the, frankly, pretty poor quality of the picture. The focus is iffy, the bike's front wheel is chopped off. It looks like a home snap. It's almost like Betty Page happened to be walking by in a bikini, a guy had his new BSA parked outside his shed, by chance had his camera on him and said, "Alright love, mind if I take a picture of you with the bike?"Or of course it could be Betty's own bike and she was just about to take it for a spin in her bikini. She hadn't thrown all caution to the wind because there is a helmet and goggles sitting on the saddle.

Also for me the picture gives me a reminder that my father and I share a basket case BSA exactly the same that has been in pieces far too long. A shame as it is a handsome bike. It's an A10 Road Rocket 650cc current from '54 to '57.

BSA Road Rocket with Betty Page

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