Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bell bubble visor

A friend from the States put me on to bubble visors. You don't see them much this side of the pond. Normally I've ridden with goggles or a Bob Heath Jet flip but decided to try out a bubble. The Bob Heath is pretty good but only for slower speeds, wind noise is fairly considerable when you're pressing on and the profile means that it catches the wind badly if you turn your head at speed. The choice around for bubble-wise is limited, either a Bell or a cheapy from Taiwan or China. I wasn't sure if the Bell would fit my Davida Classic lid but decided to give it a go. I ordered one to arrive through the post. It arrived, it fitted on to the Davida no problem and it's excellent. Wind noise is low for an open helmet and the aerodynamics are good. At thirty five odd quid it was pricey but it makes me look like a new wave moto hipster (from a great distance!) so it must be worth it...

Bell bubble visor & Davida Jet in harmonious

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