Monday, September 23, 2013

Autumn clearout

Royal Enfield Model G. The one I have spare might look
like this, one day after a lot of work...

Time for a bit of an Autumn clean of two wheeled miscellania......

My Watsonian Monza sidecar is up on ebay at the moment. I've had some fun with it but it takes up a fair bit of space and isn't really getting used. Plus I bought it to carry children and I've realised that two will not fit in it (doh!) and I'm not sure I trust them not to stick small hands into moving parts till they are a fair bit older....

Please bid willingly, it's the start of the 'I'd like a Vincent' fighting fund, or it could be the start and the end of the 'I've overspent recently and I live in a drafty old house that needs double glazing before winter comes and my wife and children freeze' fund. Either of these are indeed worthy causes so any help appreciated.

Also available the following.
Squire Squirrel mini-bike, bit scruffy but will run.
Royal Enfield 1947 Model G project
Royal Enfield Bullet frame 1960
Original Lewis Leathers / Aviakit Black Arrow jacket, large
Sturmey CS box narrow pitch teeth
plus plenty more odds and sods.

If anything above sounds interesting send an email or facebook message. Otherwise it will be up on ebay soonish.

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