Monday, September 30, 2013

Lambretta Luga, Vega & Cometa brochure 1968

Here's the two page flyer for the futuristic Lambretta Luna, Vega and Cometa range. In my mind brilliant looking machines and hugely overlooked (having said that I haven't ridden one, just going on looks alone!)

Despite the bikinis and space age looks they were a flop for Lambretta. The design has stood the test of time though and they wouldn't look so out of place in a showroom today. Produced only from 1968 to 1970 they came out at a time of dropping two wheeler sales (though Honda et al were on the rise at that time so the market isn't the only excuse for the poor sales) and are scarecely remembered today.

Good information about them on the ilambretta pages.

Lambretta Luna, Vega & Cometa brochure page 1.

Lambretta Luna, Vega & Cometa brochure page 2.

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