Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Vintage sidecar milk float

Great picture of a flat tanker pressed in to use as a milk churn carrier. No idea of the marque, comment if you can identify....


  1. I bet that mlk was near butter the time it had been bumped about on that outfit.
    AT is Kingston upon Hull,issued 1906-1925. I can see a paneled tank, and the cycle style handlebar mounting should give a clue. Looks to have a tax disc so photo will be taken post 1920.

    1. Yep, not the ideal milk carrier. Still, probably less bother than a horse and cart! The bike has a drum brake so is probably at the end of the age scale you've given for the number plate. If I was pushed to guess on the bike I'd go for a Triumph SD.

    2. yes, could well be, and exactly the right kind of slogger engine to lug that lot about.