Friday, August 18, 2017

Ladies light roadster

Hard to say when this picture was taken, possibly late thirties? Equally hard to identify the cycle, what is for sure is that it is a lightweight ladies model. Our dame seems to take her cycling seriously: it's a useful day-sized saddlebag she has, plus down-turned handlebars and what's more she has the physique of someone accustomed to putting a few miles in!

ladies light roadster bicycle


  1. She's showing off the bicycle, not really riding today, in that dress and clean socks (no chain guard! Still not a standard feature). The bike is brand new -- see how the fenders shine and the little mud flap on the front fender hasn't fallen off yet. My guess is that the bike is a birthday present, and the occasion of this photo.

  2. Interesting "mary jane"-type shoes that have added re-inforcement at the instep.