Monday, August 14, 2017

Royal Enfield Continental GT Gander and Gray Gannet Special

1965 Royal Enfield Gannet Special. A stunning looking bike.

Back in the mid sixties the Royal Enfield Continental GT was the weapon of choice for the learner rider with ample readies in their wallet. The Continental GT was the fastest bike in its class and achieved some success in production racing. If you wanted to individualise your ride there were catalogues of goodies available from two London dealers - Deeprose Brothers and Gander and Gray. For the enthusiast with deeper pockets Gander and Gray offered a full machine, all singing, all dancing and fitted with every one of their special options straight from the showroom floor. This machine was offered as the 'Gannet Special' and it is one of these that Peter Collier has been lucky enough to come across.

Peter mailed with a few pictures of his Gannet Special in the hope that someone out there might have some further info on either the model in general or perhaps even his machine in particular (it was originally registered GLW 63C). If you do know more please contact via the blog - or make a comment at the bottom of the page.

Learner rider fantasy material back in the sixties!

Peter has penned a few words about his bike:

"During the 1960s two London dealers were heavily involved in the 250cc Royal Enfield. Deeprose Brothers had produced goodies for the Crusader but it was Gander and Gray from Manor Park who produced a special version of the Continental GT christened the Gannet. Engine modifications included a ported cylinder head with large inlet port, larger carburettor, a 10:1 piston and lead bronze big – end shells. On the outside there was a racing type single seat saddle, fibre glass tank, swept back Goldie style exhaust and silencer. To finish it off the bikes were fitted with alloy wheels and a full race fairing and matching fibre glass battery cover.

This one had remained in a private collection for over twenty years until Peter Collier purchased it in 2016. Last licensed for the road in 1990, it was rolled out this summer. It certainly goes! It’s first major outing with be at the Kop Hill Climb in Buckinghamshire over the weekend of 16th & 17th September. There is more information on

The owner is anxious to obtain any information on these bikes and in particular, this one."

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At an event in France, where the Gannet Special now resides. The
bike found a new fan!

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