Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tinkering with the Gilera.

Been tinkering with James' Gilera the last few days. I'm looking after it for a while and it's hopefully going over to Spain for the 5000 Curves this coming October.

Took it out for the first longer test run yesterday. It's a frenetic ride, a proper racing crouch and very very noisy. I've tack welded a baffle on to the end of the down pipe but it has made virtually no difference. I've put a baffle for the tail of the silencer on order now too and hopefully that'll calm it down a bit.

As usual for a bike that has been out of service for a while all sorts of petrol leaks have sprung up. The Italian petrol taps are even nastier than their British cousins. Charging is uncertain but otherwise all is well.

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