Thursday, June 11, 2015

Back to Basics Historic Bike Summer Camp

Set off on Saturday afternoon for the second Back to Basics Summer Camp up in the Malverns, a ride about 125 miles North from home. The rally is strictly pre-75 bikes only, Phil has an array of eighties machinery but lacking anything earlier borrowed the Norton Dommi. I had planned to ride the Enfield J2 but was not 100% confident with the way it was running. My father's trusty Triumph 3HW stepped in at the last minute and doomed Phil to a third gear 40mph cruise on the Dommi with the gentle aroma of burning oil to scent to the air.

The way up was marked by being slightly colder than expected and for the several bum turns I navigated us on to. I blame signposts and ring roads but whatever the case 40mph up the M5 on a 70 year old bike is not cool. Thus we arrived at past seven. Matt and Gary were already there, Matt's now faithful A10 combo providing the wheels. Strangely Gary preferred to ride in the chair rather than on one of his own machines.

The concept of the rally is of an old school event for old bikes, a pub, a field and no caravans or motor homes. The atmosphere was good though the pub emptied earlier than events of days gone by. Maybe Friday was the big night for most folks.

Altogether a recommended event. A good chance to load the bike up, ride, meet friends and catch up with a few familiar faces. Here's a handful of snaps from the weekend.

If at this point we hadn't asked a friendly
cyclist the way to the Drum and Monkey
we could have ridden an even longer way
 than we already had in the wrong direction...

The Triumph 3HW loaded up. Excellent bike, didn't miss a
beat. Used a lot of oil and didn't go very quick but 100%
dependable. Second oldest bike at the rally!

Proper rallies attract proper used bikes. BSA A65 and plunger

Much modified and used BSA A10.

Matt's A10 combo. Fresh from a trip to the Shetlands.

Good, solid dependable BSA B series.

Rodark panniers on a Beesa A10 Gold Flash.

Small tank Rocket 3. Not an instant obvious choice for touring.

Mostly Brit bikes at the Rally, but there were
a couple of sixties Beemers, one Honda and
a couple of Guzzis too.

I'm no Matchless expert so am not sure if this twin is original
or not, either way in off road trim it looks very right.

RAC box sidecar with perspex extension
serving as a dog look out point.

The sole Japanese representative was a good one. Honda

Something very appealing about this Guzzi T3 combo.

Plenty of pannier stickers from across the ages in evidence
at the rally.

Mike sexes it up for the camera with his

Bantam and Bonneville.

Oldest bike at the rally. 1942 Moto Guzzi Alce.

Gary's bone dome.

Just about to head home.

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