Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Slightly more baffled

The last mod to the Gilera's 'silencing' system took away perhaps 1db. I had thought that a baffle tacked on to the down pipe would be a surefire way to reduce noise but a plan b was necessary. Ever willing not to spend money a second baffle worked out a lot cheaper than a new complete silencer. This one was bought from the bay of e for a mere eight quid. The tail of the silencer is 50mm (it is basically a megaphone). The best match I could find was a 47mm baffle. This fitted with the addition of some shim and application of persuasion with a big hammer.

Finally the beast is tamed. The Gilera has been muffled down to a slightly angry roar as opposed to a full blown scream from the pits of hell. Still loud enough to annoy the haters but the volume is down enough that it hopefully won't attract unwanted attention from the fuzz...

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