Monday, April 7, 2014

The Dancing Chain book review

Came across this gem in Foyles a few weeks back. 350 pages of solid gold for bicycle nerds from author Frank J Berto. A large format hardback history of the derailleur from the beginnings to present day.

Excellently researched, well written and very well illustrated with period pictures and reproduced adverts. Heartily recommended for the more anorak inclined amongst us. A really useful reference for identifying gear mechs. I paid £40, not bad value considering its size, but then found out that it is easily available for £28 from that scourge of the book trade, Amazon.

Significantly better would be to buy a copy from the author, who has also has a fine dedicated website:

The Dancing Chain front cover.

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  1. Ordered it. Indeed a very nice book. Thanks for your blog. I'm an enfield (the british ones) fan(atic) too. As well as old bicycles... no Vincents however :-). Ludo