Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hero RNT hybrid concept scooter

This hybrid concept scooter from the world's largest bike manufacturer, Hero, was recently unveiled at the Delhi Motor Show.

Absolutely brilliant. The RNT has a 150cc single cylinder diesel motor, is liquid cooled, has the option of a turbo charger and puts out 13hp with 26 lb.ft torque. A viable diesel two wheeler is already a good thing but the Hero goes one better as it has an electric motor in the front hub so can be used electric only for suburban riding or in two wheel drive mode when the going gets rough. If it all sounds a bit unnecessary that's because you don't live in India and don't use a two wheeler daily to carry loads and your family (and sometimes both at the same time) on rough roads in poor conditions.

Styling may not be to everyone's taste but it is utilitarian and to me looks right with echoes of the Honda Zoomer / Ruckus and the snowflake cast wheels top it off nicely. It could make a cracking adventure bike alternative as long as speed is not your bag, chances are it will go places BMW GS riders can only dream of. Let's hope it makes production.

Hero RNT concept scooter.

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