Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Indian Dakota 4

The Indian Dakota 4 was brought to market back in 1999 and that is when this brochure dates from. It is hard to find out if they are still available. I've seen pictures of an updated model and they are built to order so quite possibly if you had deep enough pockets one could be yours. The answer could be to track down the builder, Alan Forbes, at Motolux and give him a call. 

Alan Forbes had (or possibly still has) the rights to the Indian brand in the UK so you have to assume that a deal has been done with Polaris now that they are marketing new Indian Chiefs in a big way. Over in the States the Dakota has always been sold simply as the 'Dakota 4' rather than as an Indian.

Here's the US Dakota 4 site.
And follow this link for the UK Indian Dakota 4 pages.
Neither site seems to have been updated for a while.

Indian Dakota 4 brochure page 1.

Indian Dakota 4 brochure page 2.

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