Saturday, April 19, 2014

Norton Dominator model by Bert Hooper

Coming up in the Bonhams Stafford sale this Sunday is this period 1:6 scale model of a Norton Dominator. It's a beautiful thing and would look great on the mantelpiece but what is particularly interesting is that it is likely the twin of the Manx model featured on this blog a while back.

Bonhams have listed the Dominator as having been made by Norton factory staff in 1948. Apparently it was presented to Gilbert Smith, the Norton Managing Director.

The Manx model featured on RDM was made by Bert Hooper and presented to Tom Garner. At the time of writing it was known that there was another model made at around the same time and presented to Gilbert Smith. I had assumed that it was another Manx model but putting two and two together it seems that it must have been this Dominator. Putting together another piece of the story it can fairly definitely be surmised that the Dominator was also made by Bert Hooper rather than anonymous 'staff and engineers' as quoted in the Bonhams catalogue.

1948 Norton Dominator model offered by Bonhams.

Norton Manx model featured previously on this blog.

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