Sunday, March 23, 2014

Transforming the Bullet

I had my 350 Bullet long distance trials mount up for sale in readiness for cracking on with the Redditch Bullet trials project but then an idea hit me. I needed some trials bits, I had some road bits spare why not juggle them around and create something different whilst giving me the parts I needed and clear out some other stuff in my way.

So... off came the 18 / 21 wheels and on went a 19" stainless rim and spoke pair shod with decent grippy tyres. The sumpguard was ditched - it weighs a ton. Gearing upped (though wide ratio box kept as it makes quite a nice road box too). Flat handlebars, regular footrests and a vintage bum pad that was lying around. I took off the trials tank and added a new old stock eighties Indian Bullet tank without the large winged badges.

The concept was fifties west coast bobber styling. I think it has worked pretty well. The only thing I didn't like was the look of the front guard - it was made for 21 inch wheels and gave too much clearance so this was ditched slightly after the pictures were taken and now it has a naked front wheel and looks a lot better for it.

So, how's the finished article? Well, I knew the bike was a good 'un and the engine willing but it has definitely exceeded expectations. OK, it's not particularly practical but that wasn't the idea. With the modern tyres the handling is superb and it can be thrown around the lanes with gusto. There is plenty of speed for b roads, it's lost out on main roads but then it is a 350 Bullet and dual carriageway cruising isn't to be expected. In short it is so much fun that I now feel loathed to sell it! Perhaps I'll keep it and use it just a while longer.......

The starting point. Bullet long distance trials machine.

Bullet bobber off side view.

Offside tail view.
Bullet bobber nearside.

Probably the best angle.

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