Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Gladstone Motorcycle

I was scuffing around Pimlico the other day and spotted the 'Gladstone' Motorcyle in the window of the posh design store Linley. I've got to confess that I hadn't heard of Gladstone before but it turns out it is the idea of affable TV motorcycle pundit Henry Cole. The frame is Metisse designed and the engine a Triumph T140. Finish is excellent and it is a fine looking machine. There's a lot of designer guff written about it in Linleys but the bottom line is it is a looker and probably a hoot to ride. Will they sell any? Well, it's not priced but it looks like it will certainly not be cheap, then again I doubt it was cheap to make. The feel they are going for is english gentleman's speed machine and it fits the bill. It will be interesting to see what other folks think about it. More details on the Gladstone website.

The Gladstone motorcycle details.

Gladstone motorcycle full view.

Gladstone 'No. 1' motorcycle.

Another view of the Gladstone...

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