Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SCL Voyager feet forward motorcycle brochure 1989

Can you remember there was a time back in the eighties when a dedicated few loudly proclaimed that feet forward motorcycles were the future? Journalist Royce Creasey was one of the loudest and put his money where his mouth was by putting the Voyager into limited production.

Problem was that most of us didn't want car like comfort and a windscreen on our cycles, we wanted raw and exciting, however efficient the feet forward alternative might be. We also on occasion wanted to carry a passenger. A strange, expensive, fibreglass cloaked reliant powered behemoth was not on our shopping lists.

Turns out the feet forward proponents didn't get it entirely wrong, it's just that the future worked out slightly different to predicted as is the way. Witness the popularity of the super scoots such as the T Max - basically the same thing but with smaller wheels. A lot of large cruisers are veering in to feet forward territory these days and even the mighty Honda had a punt with the ff concept and went the whole hog with the DNA.

The feet forward movement still seems to be alive and kicking judging by a quick trawl of the web with Royce Creasey still the flag waver leading the march.

Here're a few ff links. Some haven't been updated for a while but they're still interesting to have a look at:

SCL Voyager brochure page 1.

SCL Voyager brochure page 2.

SCL Voyager brochure page 3.

SCL Voyager brochure page 4.

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