Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bullet metamorphosis

I hadn't sold the 350 Indian Royal Enfield Bullet after a couple of weeks of half heartedly offering it up so decided to have a bit more fun with it before passing it on by converting it in to a fifties West Coast style bobber whilst using some of the trials bits for my ISDT style Fury RE project. The conversion has been pretty successful, it's a blast to ride, light, satisfying power for back roads and very flickable handling.

The quality of the movie isn't great - I've just got a new bike cam so am still learning with it. The strange wobble vision on move is I think down to vibration from the bike and the attempted compensation from the camera. Anyways, the film kicks off with a cold start down to a tick over followed by a blast up Zig Zag Hill near Shaftesbury, an old hill climb spot. The speedo cable broke so no idea of speed, no doubt it felt considerably faster than it actually was!

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