Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rudge Sports Special period pictures

Here's another crop of old pics. This guy was living the dream late thirties with his Rudge Sports Special. I have no details about the pics other than a quick google reveals that the HNW registration pre-fix is a Leeds registration and 1939.

Happier times before the war with Rudge Sports Special. 

Rudge Sports Special. This pic is noted as 'Great Wasdale
Head'. Must have been a lucky chap to get out into the Lake
District during the war years (black-out headlight mask fitted).

1939 Rudge Sports Special.

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  1. Waiting for my motorcycle to arrive I got a "bit" bored..

    Great Wasdale Head hasn't changed much at all, the walls around the farm in the distance are still there (albeit obscured with trees now) - even the small hut at the lake is still there!

    Link to Google Streetview

    Turn the camera around and see what a nice road he was travelling!.. :)

    Best Regards