Thursday, September 20, 2012

Arliguie bicycle / velo

I bought this unusual cycle chainguard at a flea market. Guessed it was post war and probably French. I've done a bit of internet trawling on 'Aliguie' but can find no details other than Rene Arliguie was a small scale quality frame builder based in Montgarnis, just south of Paris, and produced frames in the forties and fifties. For a while he had a successful team, 'Arliguie-Hutchinson'. Other than that I've drawn a blank and not found out anything about why Beelzebub should appear on an Arliguie chainguard! Or, for that matter, any other images of this distinctive piece. Anyone got any further info? It'll make a nice shed decoration or if someone comes along missing this very part it can find a new home...

Arliuguie bicycle chainguard.
Arliguie bicycle chainguard.


  1. The red devil was the Arliguie bike logo. The head badge has the red devil riding a bike.

  2. Hi Peter, I'd like to buy your arliguie chainguard. I'm building a bike that would suit it. All the best, Colin