Sunday, September 16, 2012

Historic vehicle MOT changes

There's already been plenty written about the abandoning of mot testing for vehicles built 1960 or earlier. In the historic vehicle movement many folks seem to be wary of the move, some reckoning it is the thin end of the wedge and will herald useage limitations on historic vehicles as exist in other European countries. Others seem to believe that they are not up to discerning the roadworthiness of their vehicle themselves and need a check over from a garage to make sure it is ok. If this is the case why not be happy that you are saving money on an mot and book your vehicle in for an annual service where you can get it checked and fixed for not a lot more money than the cost of an mot... The thing is where bikes are concerned that there are many countries out there that do not have testing for two wheelers and the roads are not an unmitigated catastrophy of junk yard motos riding around. France has no vehicle testing for motorcycles, the Isle of Man has no testing for private vehicles at all. How about we can all just celebrate that for one rare occasion we have all actually gained a little bit of freedom rather than lost it. If you are not confident about looking after your machine yourself, pay someone else to do it. If you are then get on and do it. The abandoning of mots won't change any laws about roadworthiness. The mot is after all just a snapshot, there is no guarantee that after a vehicle leaves an mot centre with a new ticket it won't be illegal the next day....

So, thumbs up to no mots. Yeehaw! Slightly more freedom and a few notes extra in the pocket.

However, there is a new proposal, mot related, that is a very scary. The 'Amendment to EC Roadworthiness Package for Historic Vehicles'. Without going in to great detail there is potential that modifications and updating of your own machinery could become illegal. This could be improving the braking or building up a 'shed special' like a Triton.

There's an e-petition up where you can put your name down to urge a parliamentary debate for an amendment:

The above is part of a new EU proposal for 'Roadworthiness Testing'. It's very drachonian and completely unnecessary. Read the synopsis on the Motorcycle Action Group site or the patient can read the proposals in full on the EU site. Then write to your MP and complain for all you're worth!

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